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Kick Ass Heroes is a bit like window shopping without leaving the house, we troll the web to find the best, coolest and unique gifts and products and place them in one easy to view webpage. If your stuck for gift ideas or just want to waste time looking at weird and wonderful items kick ass heroes brings you this ultimate gift guide.

Ultimate Gift Guide For All Things Crazy and Fun

A retro Snes controller made to look rustic and old as S**T. This is a real collectors gift for those geeky old school gamers.

Summer is on the way, give the perfect gift of ice cool slush. The kids will love it but so will the adults if you add a little “something something” if you get what we mean.


Bring some magic to your make up set with these wand style brushes, they are sure to turn any muggle into an enchanting sorceress or your money back.

Have you been dumped and left to comfort yourself at night? if so chin up we got you covered. The boyfriend pillow is shaped to cuddle you whilst making you feel loved, we promise not to judge we secretly all want one.

Ever been stood up at your own wedding and need some ideas how to get over the ordeal? then this book is what you need, this guy went through that exact trauma and instead of feeling sorry for himself he came up with 101 truly genius uses for his ex wife’s wedding dress.

Gin, Chocolate and sprouts doesn’t sound to appealing on there own but mix em together and you’ve got a taste sensation, trust us you’ll love them.

What time is it? well its game time of course, add some retro nostalgia to your wrist wear with this cool looking gameboy look-a-like watch.

Roll that dough like a Jedi master, add some force to your cookies and biscuits with this awesome handmade Star Wars rolling pin, engraved with characters and symbols from the film series its sure to be a hit with any Star Wars fans.

Give the perfect gift to someone who loves a few beers, made from pine and handcrafted to perfection this will be a great gift for the guy who has everything.

Give those birdies some vintage hospitality with an awesome handmade camper van bird box.

Pizza doesn’t always have to be eaten in triangle slices, now you can whip up your own cone of artery clogging goodness with this easy to use pizza cone making kit.

Get your car rocking with these music activated stickers, they light up in accordance to the beat of the song, perfect for those car enthusiast meet ups.

Use the force to keep the pesky rain off with the awesome lightsaber umbrella, a must have for any Star Wars fan.

Eat some ass! gift someone a box of chocolates the shape of an anus with this quirky and funny gift box, come on we all no a chocaholic who would love this.

Make your home smell just like some tropical island wumpa fruit straight out of everyones favourite playstation game, go crash crazy and bring some real geeky nostalgia into your home space.

Bring back the nostalgia every time you make a brew, perfect for all those retro gaming fans.

Show your support for the 45th president and where him and his hair in all its glory on your tootsies, these are a great novelty gift sure to make anyone giggle a few times and it even comes with a comb to keep that mop in tip top trump condition.

Are you one of those crazy people who can just eat hot food without breaking a sweat? if you think you are then you should try this, the heat rating is 1,000,000 Scoville and by are guesses thats about as hot as the sun! so if you think you can handle it just add water and put it in the sun and then wait for your devils in a can to grow, make sure you get back to us to let us know how you did or any videos would be great!.

C`mon we all know one, you know the ones I’m talking about, the kind who go on forever about whats right and wrong and who tell you what your eating is soooo bad, yeah them “ones” so we found the perfect gift, subtle but perfect.

Try this spin on the classic board game everyone loves to hate, instead of hotels, railways and roads its wine and grapes, sounds easy enough but add taxes and fines and it becomes a lot more difficult and interesting. Hopefully the added alcohol will keep everyone a little more calm so we don’t see any flipped over tables and family feuds breaking out!.

Yippie ki yay, waste some time colouring in some of the most famous scenes from one of the greatest action movies ever. It’s a real tongue-in-cheek take on the classic film and also goes down well at Christmas time for obvious die hard reasons.

Old school style reinvented with this ultra unique Nintendo zapper desk lamp, made from genuine Nintendo zapper gun and controller it really looks great, perfect for any game geek or duck hunt fan.

Shoot ketchup and mustard all over your favourite food, load up and fire a new taste sensation on your burgers, dogs, chips and anything else you feel goes well with mustard.

Nothing is more arousing for women then seeing there better half doing some housework. With that in mind this book was created around that exact idea, all the images feature hunky guys doing household chores, it’s definitely classed as a fiction book for obvious reasons.

Are you up for spending a weekend away in a treehouse? if so then this place is perfect, located in Devon, England built into a 250 year old oak tree this really is a thing of beauty, have a perfect romantic getaway or just chill out with the squirrels and birds.

Donkey kong barrel shaped mug, perfect for that giant ape who loves a giant brew. With wooden styled edges it looks as though it’s dropped straight from Kongo Bongo and into your kitchen.

It’s-a-me, Mario!” Turn breakfast time into game time! every ones favourite game character is back and this time in the form of yummy, low fat and nutritious breakfast cereal, with added marshmallow shaped power up mushrooms it will be the best breakfast time ever! “Oh-a mamma mia…”

Wind em up, let em go and see who gets to the bingo hall first! have a laugh at the expense of an O.A.P with granny limping along on her walking frame and grandpa zooming along on his mobility scooter.

Make it rain!!!! take your hard earned cash down to the gents club and spray that dosh, look like a real high roller with dollar bills raining down.

Take those man size portions to a whole new level! if its your breakfast, lunch or dinner it doesn’t matter just make sure you pile it up and it like a real man.

These cushions get there name from… well your face, have your lovely mug (or someone else’s) printed on a fluffy plump cushion perfect for snuggling into while watching your favourite soaps.

Ditch that old pale yellow Champagne and pop the cork on some bright blue fizz, perfect for celebrating those special moments, like papa smurfs birthday.

woopsy! the paint tin has gone over, no problem its only your new desk lamp. Light up your space with a floating can of paint spilling over your desk.

Bored of using those muggle style tv changers? problem solved become a wizard with a flick of your wrist and change the volume or the channel without having to shout those strange magic words.

We aren’t sure what one is worse for your health, Coca Cola or Nuka cola we’re going to say Coca Cola but hey why not have a nice bottle of Nuka cola as a cool desk lamp instead.

Spank the monkey, choke the chicken whatever you want to call it, this book has a laugh out loud approach to doing the deed with images that shouldn’t really get you going.

Geek out your room. Bring some geek-a-fied lighting into your gaming den with this awesome playstation icons light.

It’s true we all know it but don’t blame yourself, this book is there to help you see that all little ones are a pain in the butt so you can feel better knowing it’s not just you who has a little monster in the house.

Why keep topping up your glass when you can just make the bottle your glass, pop the guzzle buddy in your wine of choice and chug away, don’t pay attention to those funny looks your receiving at the school play.

For those who f***ing love colouring you’ll f***ing love this, colouring book for all things swear words, just make sure you keep between the f***ing lines.

Take an interdimensional trip around this Rick and Morty edition of the classic family board game, buy sell and trade your way around the universe.

Red or Black? after a few rounds you wont know or care just keep em spinning, theres no winners in this game just last man standing takes all.

The toilet bowl mug is a great gift to those who just can’t make a decent brew, hopefully they get the hint.

The perfect gift to give your fellow bitches when your sat drinking a cuppa bitching about bitches.

The no mething-about cook book, cook up some of the most famous concoctions from the hit tv series. Who could turn down some homemade “Tighty Whitey Bites”.

One for the chocoholics, get your sugar fix from this giant 4.5kg Toblerone, tackle it on your own or we advise sharing to avoid possible diabetes and other side effects.

Ding Dong Spocks at the door! Set the door bell to red alert to be warned every time a bloodthirsty Klingon walks past your premises looking for trouble.

Everyone’s favourite Game character is back in mug form, this brew holder looks great and is the perfect gift for the crazy crash fan.

Plug in to a fresh can of spam and play away to your favourite tunes in real hamplified fashion.

Do you dare take the bait! dip into your favourite snacks at the risk of loosing a finger or two

Never get your luggage lost or mixed up again, besides who is going to take a case with your face on it anyway! only kidding we think your gorgeous.

Cut down on your drinking and up your toast intake, This Gin infused marmalade is perfect for baking,spreading,drinking or just spoon it right out of the jar.

It’s-a Mario,light up your work space with everyones favourite Italian video game legend. Pull the cord to make him strike the box and illuminate the room in true Mario style.

Now I’m sure there is no description needed for this one, but yes it is fcking strong!

A blast from the past with a little futuristic fashion with these back to the future knitted slippers, perfect for lounging round the house.

retro cartridge pillow

Roll back the years and remind yourself of how you spent your childhood days playing all the old school classics on the mighty SNES.

Take that addictive childhood gadget and turn it into an even more addictive coffee holder, keep your childhood fresh in your mind every time you make a nice brew. 

In case there ever is an apocalyptic war, you should have one of these handy in the back of the wardrobe. Become part of your favourite game with this awesome replica armour suit.

Here comes the Joker, he’s dug his way from jail and popped up in your garden giving a helping hand to keep those pesky neighbourhood kids of your property, he’s also pretty handy at keeping those four legged squatters from leaving a nice present on your green grass.

Warp core usb charger

Using this warp core charger won’t make your car go light speed but will charge your phone and tablet up super quick, with an L.E.D glow light it makes your car feel like your flying along in the U.S.S enterprise.

£39.99 From ThinkGeek

Transform your littles ones room into an epic scene from a galaxy far far away with this x wing style bed.Comes complete with real rocket boosters and missiles.

If your a Marvel collector this is the piece your missing. This statue stands at a whopping 9’10 and the price is rather small in comparison at only £21,500 bargain you must say.

From Toy Ark

Bloop Bloop Beeep! I think that means your battery is charged in R2 language, this little guy lets you know when your devices need charging and when they are full and also just looks Cool sat in your cupholder.

Its Call of Duty burger ops! Get your grill on with this tactical chef vest and go to the family bbq armed and loaded with all your essential burger flipping utensils right on hand when you need them.

£29.99 From ThinkGeek

Light up your bedroom with everyones favourite wall crawling superhero. He has 7 different light colours and looks great in any spidey fans bedroom.

The cutest Pokemon ever can now be yours and light up your life on your way to becoming a Pokemon master. This 7” tall pikachu is perfect for your little Pokemon masters in training.

Wanna be the baddest villain of all time? well throw on this costume grab a lightsaber and become the leader of the imperial army and go cause some havoc.

Build your very own flying Fortress with this awesome lego recreation of S.H.I.E.L.D. Don your eyepatch and take role of Sgt Nick Fury.

£402.65 From Amazon

Have your morning toast with a little bit of the dark side and start your mornings off the Jedi way with a hearty and force filled brekkie.

Communicate like a real intergalactic traveller or just speak a load of Klingon to your fellow federation pals.

Cowabunga dude!!  let some of the coolest and gnarly superheroes light up your room and keep you safe from the mighty Shredder and his goons.

Have your very own house elf and never do your own washing or cleaning again. He looks so real you might mistake him for an ugly sibling.

Recreate a classic scene from everyones favourite fantasy film with this Helms deep lego set and fight of the forces or Sauron and his evil orc army.

Looking for a place to rest your head for the night? try the game of thrones ice hotel in Finland. With stunning ice sculptures and unique decor you won’t forget your night in a hurry.

Fan of The Joker? youll love this amazing statue recreation of everyones favourite bad guy.

£1049.99 From Sideshow Toys

Voldermort called he wants his wand back! become the most powerful evil wizard ever with this replica wand, comes complete with olivanders wand box for added effect.

There are some awesome things out there but this is one of our favourites, this isn’t for sale unfortunately but we thought you might appreciate the creative genius of this steampunk iron man.

Take an old block building, A couple paintbrushes, A few cans of spray paint and 2 French guys and you will have a masterpiece. These guys took graffiti to the next level with this Chevron the dragon, we just hope they got permission as we would hate to see the guys on community service go down and scrub it all out.

This is what Batman looked like in 476 AD wayyyyyyy before the high tech suit we see today was created, this really is a stunning work of art, take your cos-play to the next level and scare the pants of all the peasants who stand before you.

Make your comfy area even more cosy and relaxing with a couple of handmade Marvel cushions and chill out after a hard days graft fighting crime.

Give your little superhero’s room an awesome touch up with these great looking letters. Each letter is 15cm tall and comes with different patterns of all your favourite Marvel superheroes, there sure to give any room a marvellous uplift.

Have a touch of retro in your room whilst keeping things modern with these awesome VHS led lamps. They come in all different styles to suit any of your favourite cartoons or films. They will make a perfect prezzie for that geeky friend of yours.

Keep your coffee table free from villainous stains with the help from 8 of your favourite Marvel heroes with these 3D coasters.

Put on this helmet and you will become a billionaire play boy genius! well maybe not but you could feel cool watching tv or reading the news paper for a few hours in this great replica mask.

Everyone would love there own Hulk in the house, well now you can and he won’t get angry and smash your house to bits and constantly need new clothes.

He’s guaranteed to be the hit of the party. Invite your friendly neighbourhood spider-man along to your little ones b-day party or even for the adults who just won’t grow up.

Add a geeky touch to your Hawaiian punch with these great looking tiki mugs. These 16oz mugs are perfect for slurping pool side or getting your grill on at the bbq.

Got a battle against the forces of evil anytime soon? You have! well this all you need don’t go into a fight with out your Captain America shield your sure to conquer evil and save the day all in time for dinner.

Always wanted to know how Eddie Brock felt becoming Venom? now you can become the host for the alien symbiote and have all the powers of this extraordinary super villain like climb walls, throw cars and sense incoming danger great for when you forget your girlfriends birthday.

Check out everyones favourite playboy billionaire in his new suit. The new XLV armour is a more streamlined and sleek design to help overcome even the toughest of foes. Now you can own a bit for yourself with this movie accurate collectable figure.

£349.99 From Amazon

Just look at his cute face! this Groot usb dances away while charging your gadgets and gizmos making you smile every time you look round.

Keep your bedroom free from evil with the weapon of an almighty god at your side. The light emits a constant ray of peaceful and happy energy to help you sleep safe and sound and wake up fresh to fight the forces of evil once again.

£48.31 From Amazon

Hulk Smashhhhh! This simply smashing green giant has been Brought to life in an epic 1:1 scale model so you can see every bulging vein and pumped up muscle from the neck up. He’s sure to be a smash hit with friends and family.

Here is americas greatest ever hero the most patriotic character ever to fight wrong doers and he’s ready to land a swift right hook upon any who oppose Trump! no seriously this model is flawless in design and will make a great addition to any fans collection.

The mighty Iron Man is here to help your littlen’s conquer there fear of the dark and provide a settling and peaceful atmosphere with his constant rays of ambient light.

Take it back to the old skool days while still keeping all your important files at hand, this cool looking usb tape does just that. Check out the different styles to see what superhero you like best.

Need some added wow factor on a night out? well these are sure to grab the attention of everyone you walk by. Handmade with fine glitter and with perfect attention to detail, these really are a great addition to anyones shoe collection.

Ever had an egg the shape of your man hood? no you say well that is all about to change. This revolutionary idea will change the way you eat eggs forever.

Sit down for dinner or just a quick bite to replenish your superhero stamina and get back to fighting the war of everyday life. The Hulk plate is always kept back especially for the big eater in the family.

Now this is the ultimate Book on everything Marvel with over a staggering 700 pages, 2000 images, vintage comics and collectables, an essential for any Marvel lover, this really is the magnum opus of Marvel history.

Have a part of the most crazy, foul-mouthed and sarcastic superhero there is, Deadpool and he’s back in everyones favourite cult classic Pulp fiction courtesy of this great looking handmade canvas.

Add some character to your morning breakfast and eat like a real marvel superhero. Remove spideys mask to reveal a perfect yokey centre to dip your Spiderman shaped toast into and start your day off right.

Give your little one a new bestie, squeeze his tummy and he will admit a soft glow from his eyes and keep watch through the night to make sure your little bundles of joy get a superhero worthy sleep.

Not much of an artist but always wanted to draw your favourite superheroes? well this book Is made for you, follow the numbers and solve the puzzle to reveal a perfect portrait to colour, frame and show of your new found artistic skills.

Be ready to fight off any who oppose the peaceful town of lego. Designed to withstand the mightiest of foes not even the Hulk could make you break a sweat with this at your disposal.

Have hours of fun with this joke telling, Mickey taking interactive spiderman. Go on wall crawling adventures just by pairing him to your phone this little guy will have you doing missions and saving the day all without having to be bitten by a radioactive spider.

Have the power of a god and strike down on any wrong do-ers. Now you can gear up like the asgardian God himself, strike down to hear the sound affects of the mighty Mjolnir hammer and have evil quaking in there boots.

Hereeeeeee’s Tony! don’t panic he’s just checking to make sure everything is ok, see he’s one of the good guys. Transform your room with a piece of iron man on your prize wall with a size of 24”x 28” he’s sure to look great anywhere in the house.

Getting tired of fighting crime on the streets of Gotham and need a fun hobby? look no further, now you can blitz round Gotham city and then go straight to the course for a quick round of 18 with your buddies.

Own a piece of awesome memorabilia from the hit film Suicide squad. The joker handgun is iconic and really looks stunning, perfect for the avid collector.

Bring home the caped crusader in his mightiest form. This amazing movie accurate figure is a staggering 7 feet tall and with l.e.d eyes and base stand it really will look superb in your home.

Have you always fancied a ride in a tumbler but just don’t have the right contacts at Wayne enterprises? well here is the answer, build your own from lego but be warned its probably easier to get the lead role in the next batman movie.

Feel like your on the streets of Gotham whenever you check the time. This handmade vinyl clock is a real time piece and will look great on your wall at home, office or Batcave.

Choose your favourite character and fill them up with all your important files, pictures and music, pop them in your bag or purse and away you go on to your next computer based adventure.

Light up your space with the help from a suicide squad favourite Harley Quinn. This light is almost as bad ass as she is and will really bring some character to your room.

If cos-play is your thing then this suit is for you. Made from 4 way stretch material you’ll be able to run, jump, flip and fight with no worries of any embarrassing rips or tears.

Sometimes even the best get caught short, add a little something different to your home with these great handmade pictures of all your favourite heroes on the throne.

Fancy becoming someone else for a while? then this potion can do just that, feel like a part of the wizard world even if you are a mere muggle.

Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the greatest hero of them all? well you of course and you can remind yourself every time you look in this batman shaped mirror, great for the batcave.

Batman fan? Chess fan? well perfect this chess set is a real work of art and looks stunning. Battle against the Joker or swap sides and checkmate the dark night.

Get your favourite novel folded to resemble your favourite comic book character. These hand folded books are a real talent check them out and see what they could make specifically for you.

Wan’t to feel super? easy get a superman mood light. With a constant beacon of light from superman’s cranium you’re sure to feel chilled and relaxed. Warning keep away from Kryptonite.

Keep those burglars away when there’s a bat signal here they won’t come near, the dark night will be close by to tackle anyone trying to get into your man shed.

Handle the BBQ like a true Jedi master, Flip your burgers and turn your sausages like one with the force.

Keep your beer chilled and keep the Star Wars movies rolling, this fridge is perfect for getting your friends round and having a Star Wars-athon while Han Solo glows in the background.

For those Star Wars fans amongst you who want to keep the Dark Side at bay in your homes, there comes a new hope, in the form of these awesome Star Wars 3D String Lights.

Now you can take your most valuable files anywhere even to a galaxy far far away, with these little fellas the force will always be close by, probably in your bag or something.

Make a tasty treat in the shape of an imperial stormtrooper, simply place your waffle in, press down and wah-lah a waffle even the Sith Lord would be proud of

Change from the dark to the light side with the flick of a switch, these stickers are great for bringing out the force in any room.

Blend up your smoothies with the force of a Sith Lord, this Darth Vader blender is perfect for the Star Wars fan who loves the kitchen.

“huurh awwgggghhh wrrhwrwwhw huurh” Means dont touch my cookies in Wookiee language or so were told anyway, as we don’t speak Wookiee we’ll take there word for it.

Surely looking for a Wookiee can’t be that hard can it? well see for yourself with this wookiee search and find book.

Bring some light into the dark, this handmade fire pit is an awesome work of art and really will stand out in your garden, perfect for those nights in the garden talking Star Wars.

Dip your soldiers in the your favourite droid, start your day with a fresh healthy egg with the help of R2-D2. Pop his head off and dip away.

Consume your favourite beverage in the shape of one of the most iconic Star Wars characters. Simply choose your drink and fill the glass to reveal the figure of the mighty stormtrooper.

Let master Yoda show you the light and leave the dark side behind, this cool mood light emits a soft glow to leave your room feeling peaceful so you can relax and sleep well in the presence of the little green master.

Have a scrub and wash those pits under the watchful eye of the dark lord himself.

Feel the force every-time you flip those burgers and toss those pancakes, become a master Jedi uhh we mean chef in no time.

Perfect for the Star Wars fanatic who just loves a good book. With 3 white led lights its more then bright enough to lite up your pages on a dark night.

Keep your hands free of galactic burns when removing your Jedi mind food from the oven with these Darth Vader oven gloves.

Blast out the imperial march and with the power of this speaker you will be heard from a galaxy far far away, the neighbours will not be happy.

Eat like a Jedi night with these L.E.D chopsticks and battle it out for that last piece of sushi in true Jedi fashion.

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